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Rabbi’s Class continues! Wednesday nights at 7 PM in the Bernstein Library.

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Rabbi’s Class continues! Wednesday nights at 7 PM in the Bernstein Library.

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NEW Adult Ed Opportunity
Lunch & Learn with the Rabbi at NOON on Wednesday, May 2 at Oasis Restaurant on White St



April 18 – Israel Independence Day / May 19 – Shavuot



2017-2018 Schedule

The films, which are free and open to the public, will be screened at Congregation B'nai Zion, 750 United Street
at 7:30 pm on the following dates:

MONDAY, NOVEMBER 20, 2017 – “THE FREEDOM TO MARRY”, Sponsor Jeffrey Grosky
THE FREEDOM TO MARRY is an intimate and epic documentary which goes behind-the-scenes to reveal the inner
workings and key players of this historic civil rights struggle. This is a riveting ride alongside Evan Wolfson, the man
known as architect of the movement, civil rights attorney Mary Bonauto, and their key colleagues as they wage their
climactic battle before the U.S. Supreme Court, providing fresh perspective on the movement's history along the way.

MONDAY, DECEMBER 18, 2017 – “ROSENWALD”, Sponsors Abby Moore, Sue & Stuart Kaufman
Julius Rosenwald never completed high school, but he became a wealthy man by building Sears into a mail-order
Goliath and acquiring company stock. Embracing the Jewish doctrine of "tikkun olam," or repairing the world, the
philanthropist wasn't content to sit on his fortune. In the early decades of the 20th century, Rosenwald used his money
to educate black children in the segregated South, build YMCAs that welcomed black residents and award fellowships
to a "who's who" of black artists and scholars, including W.E.B. DuBois, Langston Hughes, Marion Anderson and James
Baldwin. Working with Booker T. Washington and local communities, he helped create more than 5,300 schools in the
rural South by providing seed grants. Rosenwald's work to school black children out of poverty is the focus of
"Rosenwald," a new feature-length documentary from director Aviva Kempner.

Sponsors Justin & Eileen Kawaler, Sheldon Davidson
Jerry Barrish was the product of an environment that little appreciated the finer arts, much less the wildness of modern
art. His hardworking, San Francisco Jewish relatives were boxing enthusiasts vaguely connected to the mob. It was
these connections that got him started in the bail bonds business. Then he broke the mold, becoming the bailout guy for
radical sixties protesters. Inspired by the times, he went further afield, delving into art collecting, and then launching
himself as a filmmaker and sculptor. Plastic Man is the dramatic tale of Barrish finding himself at a seeming artistic
standstill about 25 years ago, living next to a trash-strewn beach in Pacifica, California. Creative by necessity, he begins
collecting the detritus - especially the plastic - and assembling it into whimsical, evocative, poignant human and animal
figures. By the end of Plastic Man, the artist is commissioned to create a 15-foot horn player constructed from the forms
of a disassembled gun for a troubled, low-income neighborhood where he works.

MONDAY, FEBRUARY 19, 2018 – “REMEMBER”, Sponsors Mark & Nancy Funt
Remember is a 2015 Canadian-German drama thriller film directed by Atom Egoyan and written by Benjamin August.
The film stars Christopher Plummer and Martin Landau and tells the story of an elderly Holocaust survivor with dementia
who sets out to kill a Nazi war criminal. The film was theatrically released in Canada and Germany in 2015 and the
United States in 2016.

Always a determinedly colorful character, obviously attracted by the limelight, Leonard Bernstein had a talent for wowing
young fans with his flamboyant style and flair for pedagogy. His creative gifts knew few bounds, as he moved easily
between podium, piano and television screen. Indeed, no other musician had ever captivated such a broad spectrum of
the American public as Bernstein did. His appearances as a conductor had an incredible emotional impact, often
bringing about an excitement approaching frenzy. Bernstein became one of the first world-famous American-born
conductors, he was also one of the first world-famous American composers. His best-known works included the
musicals On the Town, Wonderful Town, Candide and West Side Story, written in collaboration with Stephen
Sondheim and Jerome Robbins. Some of his more personally thought-provoking music included religious-themed works
like the Mass or the Chicester Psalms, in which we see him struggling with his Jewish heritage and universal questions
of faith.

MONDAY, APRIL 16, 2018 – “ON THE MAP”, Sponsors Barbara & Creighton Webb
In 1977, the Maccabi Tel Aviv basketball team prevailed over CSKA Moscow (known in the West as Red Army), a team
that refused to play against Israel. Moments after this highly charged and historical win, Israeli-American basketball
hero Tal Brody captured the heart of the nation when he famously said, "Israel is on the map, not just in sport, but in
everything." The story of this triumph against all odds is told through the eyes of six American basketball players who
6 joined Maccabi Tel Aviv.

2018-2019 M3M to be determined


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