Tree of Life


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Congregation B'nai Zion
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750 United St.
Key West, FL 33040


Back of Shul

The "Tree of Life" sculptures in our sanctuary were designed by the

renown synagogue artist Sanford Warfel at his studio in Avenel, New Jersey.

The branches of the Trees are symbolic of the Twelve Tribes of Israel.

The golden Leaves and Stones may be inscribed to highlight or commemorate

joyous occasions such as births, weddings, anniversaries, graduations,

Bar or bat Mitzvahs or to honor parents, family, friends or good deeds.

Share the joy by inscribing family "Simchas" on

B'nai Zion's "Tree of Life".

It then becomes your permanent dedication

to the meaningful and happy events that touch your and our lives.


Congregation B'nai Zion
750 United Street · Key West, FL 33040
[email protected]