Youth Education


The CBZ Hebrew School raised more than $5,000 for charities in the Keys!
This money was raised during a 30-day holiday “Mitzvah-thon”.
The students chose to donate to Healthy Start (helping mothers & infants in need) and the SPCA.
The students presented the check to the SPCA & toured the new facilities.

The Mitzvah-thon helped the students embrace the Jewish value of tikkun olam (caring for the world).
A very BIG thank you to the B’nai Zion Congregation for all their donations & support.


Classes are on Jewish History, Jewish Customs, Holiday Songs, and of course,
learning to read, write and speak the Hebrew Alphabet and Language.
The CBZ Learning Center objective is to make our classes instructive, participatory… and fun.

On Wednesday Nights Rabbi Dudai 's " Judaism 101 " class will meet in the Bernstein library.

The program includes:
Ability to follow and participate meaningfully in Shabbat and Holy Days Prayers.
* The meaning and practice of Holy Days *
* Understanding the structure of Bible and Talmud *
* Overview of Jewish History from Antiquity to Modern Times *
* Jewish Traditions and Customs *
* Basic Hebrew Reading and Much more *

Classes are conducted in an informal format, which is conducive to a lively exchange of ideas.
The discussions are intellectually stimulating and instructive and open to all.

Cantor Dr. John Kreinces offers classes to help with Saturday Morning Shabbat Prayers
as well as for Bar and Bat Mitzvah Trope Training.
Dr. John is the B'nai Zion Chorus Director and the author/cantor
of a wonderful Shabbat Morning Service CD and an amazing Rosh Hashana High Holidays CD .
Both CD's are available in the Gift Shop.



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