This past Chanukah 120 people came to celebrate the holiday of Chanukah at CBZ

We had the candle lighting at sunset, followed by a terrific Comedy Juggling performance

by Bounce, Ooo La La and Daniel.

BOD finale@shul


After the show the food feast began with latkes and more latkes


Jack and Rose Einhorn
Jack was the president of CBZ for 25 years, and an avid Red Sox fan.

nadia,bonnie,karen dave and gwen

Bonnie, Karen and Rebbitzen Nadia
Dave and Gwen


The Saturns Lighting their Menorah

John Bagpipe

Cantor John playing Chanukah Music on his BagPipe


What is Chanukah? Chanukah is the Jewish Festival of Lights and literally means "dedication" in Hebrew.

This holiday marks the victory by a small band of Jews called the Maccabees,
who resisted the forced assimilation of Jewish people into Hellenistic society, and their subsequent
rededication of the Jerusalem Temple in about 165 B.C.

The holiday also commemorates a miracle described in Jewish tradition, in which a very small amount
of oil lasted eight days in the newly reclaimed temple.

To mark the holiday, Jews light a candle for each additional night, one the first night, two the second,
and so on. The ritual candle holder (menorah or hanukkiah) holds nine candles:
eight to mark those days, and a ninth "helper" used to light the others.



Congregation B'nai Zion
750 United Street · Key West, FL 33040