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Cemetery Arrangements

Human life, as we know it, is finite and yet we naturally avoid issues regarding death before

the actual need arises. We also know that leaving burial arrangements and related

expenses to our family members at a time of extreme distress represent a course of conduct

aimed at ensuring both possible financial errors and hasty decisions relating to numerous funeral issues.

As part of keeping your affairs in order, you can act wisely and lovingly by arranging for a

burial plot(s) and by making other related decisions in advance.


Since Abraham purchased the Cemetery of the Patriarchs at Cave Machpela,

Jewish Communities have worked toward the establishment of a proper Jewish Cemetery. 


It is in this tradition that CBZ established its cemeteries for its Members

and their Jewish spouses or life partners and children. Congregation B’nai Zion (“CBZ”)

proudly offers its Members and their immediate families the opportunity for

traditional burial in its two cemeteries, subject to the rules and bylaws of CBZ.

The synagogue maintains the burial practices associated with traditional Judaism.


It is comforting to know that one's eternal resting place will be preserved as

sacred Jewish ground. CBZ’s cemeteries are known for their quality, dedication, sensitivity,

and perpetual care. If you are now or intend to be a member of CBZ and you are thinking

about burial here in the Florida Keys, now is the time to find out about more about the

CBZ cemeteries. Reservation costs, perpetual care fees and all other requirements of

and relating to the cemetery can be discussed with a member of the Cemetery Committee.

Please call the synagogue’s office and leave your name and telephone number,

and a qualified CBZ representative will contact you with further details.


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