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In 2005, Hurricanes Dennis, Katrina, Rita and Wilma all affected Key West, and the sign at the main

entrance to the CBZ section of the Key West Cemetery was blown off its support columns.

B'nai Zion's signs at both the Frances Street entrance and the main entrance at the City Cemetery

had to be reconstructed with new letters and new backing boards.

The gates at the main entrance had to be rewelded and remounted onto the new stone pillars.

The steel supports for the signs had to be rebuilt and remounted.

destroyed sign

The project to restore the gates was completed through the hard work and vision of

Bounce Margil and Kenny Weschler and the generosity of many members.

Bounce Margil, who creates whimsical art sculptures,

did the design and welding of the gates and CBZ sign.


Bounce Margil at work welding the new sign supports for the main entrance

to the CBZ section of the historic Key West Cemetery.

Bounce welding base

A view of the new sign from inside B'nai Zion Cemetery Grounds


One of the benefits of Congregation B'nai Zion membership is being buried in the

B'nai Zion section of the Key West or Big Coppitt Cemetery.

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