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Burial Issues

In order to be buried in the CBZ cemeteries, it is recommended that a CBZ member make a reservation(s)
for a burial plot(s). The Burial Plot Reservation Form is on the website or can be obtained from the
CBZ Cemetery Committee.

As of 2009 The CBZ bylaws now require a deposit of $350 for a BURIAL PLOT RESERVATION
and the payment of a $1,000 PERPETUAL CARE FEE.

Once the reservation(s) has been accepted, the member will receive from CBZ
acknowledgement of the reservation(s) and the money paid.

Members who had secured burial plot reservations prior to the 2009 bylaws amendments are not required
to pay in advance the $1,000 perpetual care fee per burial plot prior to his/her death or the death of a partner,
spouse or child who is a CBZ member by virtue of the synagogue’s “family membership” provision but they
are encouraged to do so. They will also receive from CBZ acknowledgement of their reservations
and detailing the fees and other charges that must be paid as conditions precedent to burial.

Members with reservations are encouraged to notify the Cemetery Committee if plans for burial change.
As long as the member remains a member in good standing, his/her existing reservation(s) may be canceled
at any time prior to death. Upon acceptance by the Board of the cancellation, the member will receive
a full refund of any deposit reservation fees and perpetual care fees previously paid.

In addition to whatever fees or charges were paid at the time that the reservation(s) was accepted by CBZ,
the synagogue bylaws require that as conditions precedent to burial:
(A) that the decedent must be a CBZ member in good standing at the time of death;
(B) that his/her full membership dues for the current year must be paid;
(C) that the full purchase price of the burial plot (based on the number of years
of being a CBZ member) less the reservation deposit must be paid
(D) that a one time perpetual care fee of $1,000 must be paid.
(E) that a $1,200 fee for the concrete liner must be paid.

Family members and Estate representatives are put on special notice that all fees and charges
set forth in the above paragraph must be paid BEFORE burial in the CBZ cemeteries.

The responsibilities for funeral home arrangements and associated burial costs,
such as grave excavation, canopy and grave side chairs for mourners, water, etc., shall be borne
solely by the decedent’s representative or estate.

CBZ will assist with respect to Jewish burial requirements
and related religious service for the decedent, if requested by the family.

In 2009, the Board of Directors requested that the Cemetery Committee recommend to the Board
size requirements for concrete bases, granite ledgers and headstones for the CBZ cemeteries.
The Board stated that it wanted to ensure the maximum number of burial plots for its members.
The Board agreed that this could not be accomplished unless there were strict requirements regarding
the location of such plots and the size of the bases. Accordingly, the Board accepted the Committee’s
recommendation that that the CONCRETE BASE for any burial plot shall not be larger than 4’ x 8’.
Anything in excess of this measurement will not be permitted in the CBZ cemeteries.

The Board and the Cemetery Committee strongly recommend that future granite ledgers and headstones
be sized according to the sizes for the ledger and headstones on the graves of Dr. Herman Kessler Moore
and his wife, Rose Appel Moore. The Board and the Committee urge that the family member
or the Estate representative the vendor retained for this work inspect and measure the ledgers and
headstones on the Moore graves and duplicate those measurements for the grave of the decedent.

Unlike the bases, the Board will approve minor variations for the ledger and the headstone.
The Committee recommends that the following measurements be followed in constructing such items.

The GRANITE LEDGER placed on top of the base shall not exceed 32” wide x 87” long x 7” high.
The HEADSTONE shall be placed on the ledger and shall not be more than 30” wide x 34” high and 8” thick.

Construction of the concrete base requires a member of the CBZ Cemetery Committee to be given
adequate notice that the base will be constructed on/at a specific date and time so that a
Committee member can be present to ensure geographical compliance and that the size meets the
above standard. Similarly, specific notice must be provided regarding the placement of the ledger and
headstone. If (A) such notice is not given and/or (B) the base, ledger and headstone do not meet the
measurements delineated above, the Cemetery Committee has been empowered by the Board to direct
the removal of such items from the cemetery and that all costs attendant to that removal be charged
to and paid by the decedent’s family members or Estate representatives
responsible for the placement of such unauthorized items.



1. The Key West Cemetery Application for Interment (FORM #1) must filled out and filed with
both the Sexton of the KW Cemetery, Russell Brittain, and the CBZ Cemetery Committee.

2. Key West Cemetery FORM #2 regarding fees and liabilities must be completed
and fees paid Prior to the commencement of preparing the grave.

3. The Key West Cemetery FORM #3 regarding construction for a concrete base or other construction,
including, but not limited to placement of a marble or granite base and headstone on the concrete base,
must be approved by both the Sexton and the CBZ Cemetery Committee.

4. The Key West Cemetery requires that a CBZ Cemetery Committee Member must identify
the burial space, and that space must be consistant with the CBZ reservation schematic.

5. The Key West Cemetery requires that a CBZ Cemetery Committee Member be on site
to indicate the borders of the burial space to be dug and to be periodically present
during the digging to ensure geographical compliance.



Russell Brittain, the Sexton at the Key West Cemetery, must be notified at
305-292-8177 (work) ... 305-304-5537-(cell)

Rabbi Shimon Dudai 305-294-3414 (work) ... 305-331-4496 (cell)
President Fred Covan 305-304-2948 must also be notified.

The Cemetery Committee must be notified at
Kenny Weschler 305-304-2886 • Bounce Margil 305-294-6379 • Suzanne Teicher 941-376-4663

If the Family members of the Deceased want a Kiddush at CBZ synagogue,
Please call Nadia 786-877-0118


Links to organizations found at this site are provided solely as a convenience for the family of the deceased.
These links do not constitute an endorsement Bby CBZ of these organizations and none should be inferred.

Funeral Homes

Beyer Funeral Home, Key Lago ... 305-451-1444

Castillo-Thurston's Key West Mortuary ... 305-294-3069

Dean-Lopez Funeral Home ... 305-294-1066 or 305-872-2929

Evergreen Mortuary, Key West ... 305-293-0044

Pritchard Funeral Home, Key West 305-296-8571


Cremation Services

Beyer Funeral Home (Key Largo ... 305-451-1444

Castillo-Thurston's Key West Mortuary ... 305-294-3069

Dean-Lopez Funeral Home ... 305-872-2929

Florida Keys Crematory ... 305-294-1066


Concrete Base Contractors:

Atlas Memorials ... 305-294-2528

Wayne Garcia 305-296-8003 ... 305-360-1820

Abraham Baker ... 305-394-7336

Jimmy Green ... 305-360-1110




Atlas Memorials - Big Coppitt Key, FL - Suzanne Teicher ... 941-376-4663
[email protected]

Atlas Memorials - Key West, FL Stan Tabak ... 305-294-2528

City Monument Co - Miami, FL, ... 305-594-8944

Funeral Depot - Davie, FL ... 954-370-7781

Menorah Monuments - Deerfield Beach, FL ... 954-354-0470

Riverside Gordon Monuments - DelRay Beach, FL ... 561- 432-4965



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