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Saturday Morning Services @ 9:30 AM ... Sharp


The Rabbi's Class will resume after the High Holidays.

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Cemetery Matters Remembering CBZ in your Will


On the 3rd Monday of the month, a film will be screened in our beautiful & comfortable sanctuary.

This coming years films - M3M start time 7:30 pm):
Nov. 20 - The Freedom to Marry, Dec. 18 - Rosenthal, Jan. 15 - Plastic Man, Feb. 19 - Remember,
Mar. 19 - On The Map, Apr. 16 - Leonard Bernstein - Larger Than Life


Welcome to New Members :


Upcoming Events

September 20, Erev Rosh Hashanah (Wed) 8:00 P.M.

September 21 (Thur) 9:00 A.M., Rosh Hashanah Day #1 w/ Kiddush,
followed by Tashlich on the beach

September 22 (Fri) 9:00 A.M., Rosh Hashanah Day #2

September 23 (Sat) 9:30 A.M., Shabbat Shuvah

September 24 (Sun) 10:00 A.M., Cemetery Visit

September 29 (Fri) 7:00 P.M., Kol Nidre

September 30 (Sat) 9:00 A.M., Yom Kippur & Yizkor
And, at 5:00 P.M.— Minchah & Neilah, followed by Break the Fast

October 4 (Wed) time TBD

Sukkah Set-Up & Decorate and Treats

October 5 (Thur) 9:00 A.M., Sukkot Festival Service

October 7 (Sat) 9:30 A.M., Shabbat Chol Hamo’ed

October 11 (Wed) 9:00 A.M., Hoshana Raba—Yizkor Service

October 12 (Thur) 7:00 P.M., Shemini Atzeret and Simchat Torah


December 17 (Sunday-6pm) CBZ Hanukkah Party
February 3 (Saturday-9:30am) Tu B’Shevat Services & New Members Kiddush in Garden
February 28 (Wednesday-6pm) Purim Party & Megillah Reading
March 30 (Friday-6pm) CBZ Community Seder
Additional Dates: April 11 – Yom Hashoah / April 18 – Israel Independence Day / May 19 – Shavuot


YIZKOR BOOK 5778 (2017-18)
On Yom Kippur, Congregation B’nai Zion will distribute a book containing the Yizkor service into
which the names of your loved ones can be printed in an additional insert for special remembrance
during the Yizkor service on Yom Kippur (as well asthe three Yizkor services that follow during the year.)

Your contribution is a blessed way to honor in death, as you did in life, the souls of departed parents,
spouses, family members & friends whom you loved and respected during their lifetimes. We trust that you
will again pause & remember your loved ones whether they were Jewish or Gentile or were even religious at
all. Everyone needs prayers and your loved ones deserve the honor your remembrance provides.

As Yom Kippur approaches (September 29-30 for 2017), we again ask that you join us in making
a contribution as we gather at CBZ on the Day of Atonement for the Yizkor service.

The cost: For five names or less, the tax-deductible contribution is $100.
For those who wish to honor more than five loved ones, we require Chai ($18) for each additional name.

Please mail your check to CBZ along with the names of those you wish to honor by
August 31, 2017 or e-mail the names as youwould like them to appear to

Diana Heller.
For more info: contact Diana Heller at or 305-849-1318.


This summer has begun and many of our Snowbird members have left.
We have also gotten several new members who are locals.
Of course, the services are continuing to include delicious Kiddushes.
If you have not noticed, the floor in the social hall has been
deteriorating over the last several years. We are taking this slow down in
attendance to replace the floor. This will cost us about $15,000 and gives
me an opportunity to remind you that donations above and beyond your regular dues
and the high holiday appeals are always gratefully appreciated. It also gives me an
opportunity to remind you to consider putting us in your legacy will. Donations from
members who have passed have been of great benefit keeping us going throughout our history.
My work has slowed down as well, so this quiet time of the year gives me more time to go fishing.
Shalom, Fred



So many helped with last years' Jewish holidays at B’nai Zion and deserve our appreciation.
Thanks are extended to all of the following:

Rabbi Dudai & our Cantor, Dr. John Kreinces, for their inspirational services;
the Choir Members for their melodic tones & hard work throughout the High Holidays;
Sid Wharton, our Gabbai, for his coordination throughout all of the holiday services, and,
all those who led and/or participated in services;
Fran & John Kreinces for the flowers that added beauty to the sanctuary and for
sponsoring the Rosh Hashanah Kiddush lunch together with Barbara & Creighton Webb;
Diana Heller for coordinating the 5777 Yizkor Book & to all who contributed toward it;
Rebetzen Nadia and all who assisted her for all the delicious holiday meals/kiddushes we shared
to all who built and decorated the sukkah;
and everyone involved in making the holidays meaningful in so many different ways.

Everyone at CBZ is looking forward to the High Holidays this year. If you can help out in any way please do.


CBZ extends its gratitude to all those who made and will make High Holiday Pledges and Contributions;

for daily B'nai Zion expenses, for Tree of Life Leaves and Yahrzeit Memorial Plaques,

to the Rabbi's Fund, the Cemetery Fund and for Saturday Kiddush Donations.

Please send in your checks ASAP.


Our synagogue's survival depends on your generous contributions,

as does the STATE of ISRAEL. Please give!


Come join us for our inspirational Saturday Morning Services.


Dr John Kreinces Shabbat Services CD and High Holiday CD are available in the Gift Shop.
These are absolutely wonderful CD's of CBZ Cantor John singing all the songs and all the voices are his!
Every CBZ member should have both of these CD's at home.
Do a mitzva and give them as Gifts to your family and friends this holiday season

.These CD's will help you sing along with John at the High Holiday and Shabbat Morning Services. .
All proceeds from CD sales go to CBZ operating fund ... Thanks John and Fran


Plans are being made for CBZ’s Israel trip 2018!
Following the success of this year’s trip, many members have asked
Rabbi Dudai to organize a congregation trip to Israel in 2018.
We are aiming for a two week trip starting November 11, 2018.
A number of options are being considered that include, in addition to
Israel, another country with a rich Jewish history such as Spain or
Morocco. Options will be available for starting earlier or staying longer,
as well as combining the CBZ trip with a visit to a European city of your
choice. An initial draft itinerary can be sent to you for your input.
Please make your plans and contact Rabbi Dudai as soon as you

can (305-294-3414 or


In Memorium

CBZ extends sincere sympathy to
Dov Schlein on the passing of his mother,


CBZ extends heartfelt condolences on the passing of
BERNARD SITRON. Bernie & his wife, Star, have been longtime supporters of CBZ.
B’nai Zion expresses sincere sympathy to Star and all of Bernie’s family and friends.


With deep sadness we announce the passing
of our longtime member, Betty Appel Caplan.
Betty passed away peacefully Thursday morning, December 29, 2016.

Betty Caplan's Obituary


With very heavy hearts and deep sadness,
we announce the sudden and unexpected passing of our friend and long time CBZ member,
Connie Gilbert on September 4, 2016.

Connie Gilbert's Obituary.


birth announcements

Mazel Tov to

Judie & Michael Klitenick
on the birth of grandchild HEZEKIAH
(Nachman ben Sarah) son of Sarah & Justin


Dov & Debby Schlein on the birth of their grandson
Orion Hudson Marrec on July 28 @ 9:30 am, weighing 7 lb to
daughter Ronit and son in law Thomas.


Elyse and Howard Spialter on the birth of their 1st grandson "Will Evan Pierson 2/8/16.


Judy and Jeff Cohen on the birth of their 1st grandson Saul born 2/9/16
to their daughter Abigail and son in law Whitney.


Pete and Debbi Rutskin on the birth of their 1st granddaughter Lilyan Eve Martin on 2/26/16
to their daughter Lara and son in law Lance.


Bill and Beverly Goldner on the birth of their 1st grandson Jackson Kai Goldner 3/6/16.


Mazel Tov to

Howard Spialter

for leading the service and doing his Haf Torah on his 50th anniversary of his Bar Mitzvah.


CBZ THANKS Marian & Alan Gorman, Deborah & Sidney Goldman, and
Tom Lavender & Deborah Rothstein for recently donating books of Jewish
history, culture and tradition to the B’nai Zion library. THANK YOU
also to Elyse & Howard Spialter for donating a new Haftorah book in
honor of the 50th anniversary of Howard’s Bar Mitzvah.



Congregation B’nai Zion played host to a wonderful musical event that served to debut songs by long-time
Bernie, a member of the B’nai Zion choir, did not know how to play an instrument or notate music, but in his younger days he composed songs in his head while driving from state-to-state for work. NANCY 3 HOFFMAN worked with Bernie to solidify the songs that his mind held. Nancy assisted with lyrics, harmonies and so on.

The hard work came to fruition at the April 19th concert, narrated by Nancy 3, at which popular local performers
ERIC HALEY and MICHAEL ROBINSON beautifully presented Bernie’s music. Michael Robinson also lent his musical expertise toenhancing the final arrangements for Bernie’s songs. CBZ’s sanctuary was packed for this event and the audience even included Bernie’s cousin, Rachelle Elias, who travelled from California to be in Key West for this special occasion.

The program included a song composed for Bernie’s sister, Rose Einhorn.
A sumptuous reception - prepared by Rebetzen Nadia Dudai and sponsored by Bernie’s sister, Mae Mcmahan
followed the musical program. Many others assisted in making the event a success, including:
Rabbi Shimon Dudai, Dr. Fred Covan, synagogue president, and The CBZ Board of Directors,
Kenny Weschler, Connie Gilbert, Liz Young, Karen Grant Margil, Karen Leonard & Aaron Wechter,
BG Carter, and Lucy Page & Jan Bergh.

Together with his two sisters, Mae & Rose, Bernie was an integral member of the Key West

community for decades. Bernie passed away on July 24, 2016.

He was a treasure to all who knew him.



Special Thanks to all those who have sponsored a Saturday Kiddush,
and kudos to Nadia and her Volunteer Staff
for making our Saturday Kiddush the best brunch on the Island.

If you partake in our wonderful saturday kiddush,
then please be generous and sponsor one or two of your own.

For sponsoring a Kiddush call Nadia @ 786-877-0118 •

Nadia has also sent out a request for help during the summer for the Saturday Kiddushes.


A job well done to Susie Savitch, Sheldon Davidson and Bernie Kaplan
creating the Key West Jewish History panels L'DOR V'DOR (from generation to generation)
that are now on display in the Social Hall.

And a Book on Key West Jewish History is almost done!


Don't Forget CBZ has Key Wests' only Judaica Gift Shop

Call Mae @ 305-294-3437


Trope Class

Dr. John Kreinces wil start a Trope class if anyone is interested ... e-mail Dr. John


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If you write monthly articles for the newsletter, Please send them ASAP to Elyse.
If any member has information they want to put into the newsletter, please contact Elyse at


Assembling the newsletter and sending it out is very time consuming and
very costly in the printing and in the mailing.

The Newsletter is always available online on CBZ's web site and is being sent out via email.

CBZ will continue to send out the Newsletter to those without computers and to without access to email.

Copies can be picked up at CBZ

We are trying to help CBZ save $$$$ and go Green,

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Saturday Services start at 9:30 am. A Shabbat Kiddush brunch follows. Please join us and bring a friend.


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Read ... Declaration of the Establishment of the State of Israel


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Jerusalem Day


* If you wish to put a name on the Mishaberach list contact Sid Wharton *

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HaTikva - Words and Melody

Pray for Israel in this time of need. Donate!

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